Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Benches (self-defined)

Watercolours and biro. I quite like the girls at the picnic table. I need to start developing backgrounds

Indecisions (self-defined)

I tried using fabric in my work, but I think the result is a bit of a fail. The cardboard lump in her arm is supposed to be a baby...

This is a reflection in the train window, using pen, pencil and watercolour. I'm not too sure if I like it...

Late-night boredom

12:30 at night, nothing else to do. Why no indulge my love of using biro and drawing girls...
Here's Gracie Fields and Vera Lynn

Experimentation (self-defined)

As well as taking as many observations as I can, I'm also in the process of developing them using colour and/or different materials. Here's a few from the sketchbook

This one was done using ink. Obviously haven't got the hang of my ink set yet...

Catch-up (self-defined)

Time to catch up on ALL my blogging

So....here are a few more observations