Saturday, 13 March 2010

Final Posters

I photoshopped some of the collage out so it didn't look quite so over-crowded. Then I scoured Sarah's old take-away boxes for a background for my font. I think the grease and pizza bits add the extra 'ewww' factor, and can of course be associated with all those oh so delightful post-drinking snacks

Tea/lost (self-defined)

Modifying a few observations, just to see what happens
Here's a couple


11 left

Self define me (self-defined)

I'm still a little stuck with what I want to do for my self defined project. I know I want to work with observational drawing of people. I quite like the idea thoughts and conversations. How on a tube journey you can see and overhear so many snippets of other people's lives. The thoughts going on in people's heads. I'm going to stock up on food and spend the day on the tube with my sketchbook. Just to see what I come out with.

Cheese (self-defined)

Too cheesy. This is what happens after an evening of romantic films. Although I like the pink circles