Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I've been thinking about my self-defined project, and what I want to do for The Drawing Board exhibition
I know I definately want to base my work around observations, so I've been out and about sketching people

Experimentation (e.e.p)

More cutting and sticking

Vodka tears (e.e.p)

I can't remember if me or Ross took this photo, but eitherway it was for my drunken photoshoot

The lettering is a bit dodgy, more scissors and glue than photoshop pro. But I think it kind of fits in with the shoddy look I'm going for.
I've been trying to come up with drink-related names, such as 'vodka-tears'. Most girls I know can relate to drunken tears so I'm hoping that other girls could see a bit of themselves in the photo, hitting home how they might look to others

Poor girl. Too much gin (e.e.p)

A bit of an old one. I tried to make it as garish as possible. Not too keen on the outcome, but it represents the exagerration I'm attempting to achieve
I FINALLY got photoshop today so once I get the hang of it I can start getting rid of the scan shadows lurking on my pictures. Good times