Friday, 2 September 2011


Found this floating around my old portfolio. I've had him for a few months. A little experiment combining Elvis and Kiwi birds, as inspired by my sister's two favourite things at the time...

He'll be on sale alongside my illustrations and old clothes at the Hackney Wick Flea Market this Sunday, not to mention the other artists/bakers/DJ's/vintage sellers there... 
Come take a look, it should be a good day!

Girls + Zines at Tatty Devine

So I managed to catch Girls + Zines at Tatty Devine before it ended! It was awesome to see my own zines on display among such an amazing and varied collection. If you missed it, all zines will be on archive at the The Women's Library for your viewing pleasure...

These were some of my favourites... (click on the artist names to go to their websites)

Cooking With Christ by Chloe Greenfield
A compilation of yummy Bible inspired recipes accompanied by her own illustrations. I thought the 'choco-virgins' looked particularly scrummy...

I loved the illustrations in 'Tomboy' by Eleni Kalorkoti

As an avid John Hughes fan, I couldn't help but fall in love with this celebration of his films: 'If You Were Here' by Victoria

 'Discover. Draw. Display' by Maya Alvarado is a collection of beautifully illustrated everyday objects.

With my unfulfilled dream of being a skateboarder (I fell off the one and only time I ever attempted it), I loved 'Brash' by Alana, an eclectic collection of illustrations, photographs and interviews celebrating girls who skateboard.
'A Life Less Ordinary' by Chloe Cook is a beautifully illustrated collection of portraits of decievingly mundane looking people who've led extraordinary lives.

'the friends that I skate with & run joke with' by Nina Manandhar was a gorgeous collection of black and white photographs documenting the day of a group of friends in London.

And finally, I'd be a bad friend if I didn't mention Sheeta Li's illustrated celebration of Johnathan Creek, bound together into a beautiful concertina...

And Isobel Kho's humourous illustrated anthology of the TV shows we all love to hate (yet still end up watching) in 'Guilty Pleasure Television'.

A big thanks to Barbara Ryan for creating/curating the exhibition!

And on a side note, I stumbled across Gosh on my travels...a newly opened shop on the corner of Berwick Street.

It's a treasure-trove of all the comics/graphic novels/zines you could ever imagine. If you're ever around Soho, you should definately check it out!