Friday, 17 July 2009


I've become increasingly de-motivated over the summer months. Now instead of switching on the TV when I'm bored, I make myself whack out the sketchbook and draw whatever's on my mind or infront of me. It's mostly just pen or pencil work, but I figured any drawing's better than no drawing, and hopefully the more I do, the more I'll start getting inspired and start drawing for the fun of it instead of out of nessecity.

I found a hair magazine lying around...

Experimenting with faces...

For Sheeta

My little goat friend

(I get bored...)

Old little things

For some reason blogger won't let me upload my most recent scans, so this a little something I did long ago on my foundation course. It's handstitched onto fabric and padding. I was going to attach it onto a pillow or quilt, but seeing as my sewing skills are nilch, I decided to leave it how it is. I think it worked out well, but then again it did take three weeks to do so I'm a bit biased!

This is another image blogger has for some reason allowed me to post. It was for my 'Sins' project, in which I decided to focus on vanity. It's just a little experiment from my sketchbook, a portrait of Kate Moss drawn in mascara using a mascara brush. It was easier than I thought it would be!