Sunday, 7 March 2010

Typography test 2 (e.e.p)

Brown and black

Typography test 1 (e.e.p)

White and red

Finals. For now... (e.e.p)

I think I'm happy with these, however I'm going to try get some more opinions...they took me so long to do I think I'm a bit biased
I WILL get photoshop and learn to use it. All the cutting and sticking and scanning and drawing and sticking and painting and scanning and painting etc etc is a bit old now!

The look I was going for was a kind of miss match of different drunken scenes. Everything to look a bit 'undone' hence the mix of perspectives, photography and drawing.
Also the grotesqueness (is that how you spell it..?): Lots of vomit, a dash of urine, sweat, tears, stains...the whole lovely lot
I need to sort typography. I'm thinking hand-written, scrawly, undone

Progress (e.e.p)

Filling in the gaps with pencil sketches. I also tried it with pen, but felt the effect was too overbearing

Skeletons (e.e.p)

These are the basic structures to my final pieces. Two posters, one aimed at boys, one at girls
My aim was to make them as grotesque as possible, using real photographs of drunken situations and exagerrating almost to the point of absurdity