Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Class (e.e.p)

I eventually want to turn some of these images into photos. A kind of anti-Skins shoot. None of the glamour, photoshop or handy lighting. Just awful, unflattering drunk photos of what you really look like

Note the zombie eye and lack of chin. Yum

Oh dear (e.e.p)

How we thought we looked...

How we actually looked

NEW STARTS (e.e.p)

I'm going to start keeping this thing up to date. More work less rambling

My new project is to create a campaign aimed at 13-16 year olds to reduce underage drinking
I've decided to take the 'cringe' route. Everyone I know has had an excruciatingly cringe drunken experience, or a night where you just think '...why?!'
The morning after on facebook never helps, when last nights photos are uploaded and the memories come flooding back
Therefore I want to base my campaign around the images that could be the focus of a photo. The images you dread people seeing, the things you don't want to be remembered for
After talking to young teenagers, flicking through my old diaries and getting details of early drunken experiences off my friends it seems to me that most underage drink-fuelled nights are generally messy and quite miserable
Vomiting, passing out, falling out with friends and making a fool out yourself out of the one you like


This is a scan from my old diary. It documents a failed night from when I was about 15. It's cringy and it's miserable but here it is for all to see! I've illustrated a 'key' quote using pen and watercolour. I've illustrated more but they name names so I think I'll keep them to myself for now...

Watercolour and pen. Based on a friend's experience