Thursday, 31 May 2012

A Tad Overdue...

I have been SO crap at posting recently. Being made redundant and signing on to a new flat in the space of two days have put me a constant state of heightened panic which has left me with little time to do anything remotely productive. Therefore I have spent the majority of my time moping, job-searching, moaning to friends and boyfriend, drinking copious amounts of fruity cider and doing absolutely no packing lest I somehow jinx myself.
However, today I spoke to the new landlord who's told me I'm absolutely fine to move in. Yay!
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I managed to scrape some time together to do a couple of little watercolour illustrations. Still painting from old photographs. I can't wait to have a desk so I can start using acrylics again! Terrible quality, I had to take photos using my old camera as the scanner lead seems to have misplaced itself...

Also a big hello to my new followers! And thanks for the lovely comments. I shall check out your blogs over the upcoming weekend :)