Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Paper Heart

My friend Sophie made me an origami heart out of a discarded train ticket. I feel a little loved.

We took some photos in the sweet little church garden down the road from my flat. I'm not going to profess I know a lot about fashion. I know nothing about the latest trends and the majority of my clothes are from charity shops, sales and inherited off friends and family. But I love playing with different styles, getting inspiration and coming up with new combinations.  I also love the thrill of finding hidden gems in charity shops and vintage shops. So I guess this is what it is. My haphazard fashion sense. I'm also not the most photogenic girl in the world, but it's a good exercise in trying not to care.

Jumper - Inherited from a friend. Label says Full Circle
Dress - Maple (Hong Kong)
Shoes - Vintage store, original 1970's Miss Selfridge
Rings - New Look