Monday, 29 March 2010

Back home

My sister's the only one with a scanner down here, so until she decides to give me the installation disk I'm a bit stuck when it comes to putting my work up!
So of course, the next step would be to take pictures of my work...but the ever so lovely nightbus thief took care of that. Hope he's having fun...

At the moment I'm looking at developing some of my observations as well as taking more. I'm playing with colour and perspective
It's all very well saying this but it's not much use without examples!

Anyway this is
Esra Roise. She's been around for a while, but I love love love her drawings

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Observations on a sunny day (self-defined)

I've somehow managed to give Izzy chicken legs and no arms. Sorry Izzy

Mess around (self-defined)

Thinking I'm going to base my observations around a time of day(12:47 seems to be the one I come up with the most) and do a series of images of what different people are doing at that specific time. The final result? A book I think. I'll see where it takes me
But anyway, the result of some initial messing around with my observations

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Final Posters

I photoshopped some of the collage out so it didn't look quite so over-crowded. Then I scoured Sarah's old take-away boxes for a background for my font. I think the grease and pizza bits add the extra 'ewww' factor, and can of course be associated with all those oh so delightful post-drinking snacks

Tea/lost (self-defined)

Modifying a few observations, just to see what happens
Here's a couple


11 left

Self define me (self-defined)

I'm still a little stuck with what I want to do for my self defined project. I know I want to work with observational drawing of people. I quite like the idea thoughts and conversations. How on a tube journey you can see and overhear so many snippets of other people's lives. The thoughts going on in people's heads. I'm going to stock up on food and spend the day on the tube with my sketchbook. Just to see what I come out with.

Cheese (self-defined)

Too cheesy. This is what happens after an evening of romantic films. Although I like the pink circles

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Typography test 2 (e.e.p)

Brown and black

Typography test 1 (e.e.p)

White and red

Finals. For now... (e.e.p)

I think I'm happy with these, however I'm going to try get some more opinions...they took me so long to do I think I'm a bit biased
I WILL get photoshop and learn to use it. All the cutting and sticking and scanning and drawing and sticking and painting and scanning and painting etc etc is a bit old now!

The look I was going for was a kind of miss match of different drunken scenes. Everything to look a bit 'undone' hence the mix of perspectives, photography and drawing.
Also the grotesqueness (is that how you spell it..?): Lots of vomit, a dash of urine, sweat, tears, stains...the whole lovely lot
I need to sort typography. I'm thinking hand-written, scrawly, undone

Progress (e.e.p)

Filling in the gaps with pencil sketches. I also tried it with pen, but felt the effect was too overbearing

Skeletons (e.e.p)

These are the basic structures to my final pieces. Two posters, one aimed at boys, one at girls
My aim was to make them as grotesque as possible, using real photographs of drunken situations and exagerrating almost to the point of absurdity

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I've been thinking about my self-defined project, and what I want to do for The Drawing Board exhibition
I know I definately want to base my work around observations, so I've been out and about sketching people

Experimentation (e.e.p)

More cutting and sticking

Vodka tears (e.e.p)

I can't remember if me or Ross took this photo, but eitherway it was for my drunken photoshoot

The lettering is a bit dodgy, more scissors and glue than photoshop pro. But I think it kind of fits in with the shoddy look I'm going for.
I've been trying to come up with drink-related names, such as 'vodka-tears'. Most girls I know can relate to drunken tears so I'm hoping that other girls could see a bit of themselves in the photo, hitting home how they might look to others

Poor girl. Too much gin (e.e.p)

A bit of an old one. I tried to make it as garish as possible. Not too keen on the outcome, but it represents the exagerration I'm attempting to achieve
I FINALLY got photoshop today so once I get the hang of it I can start getting rid of the scan shadows lurking on my pictures. Good times