Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wedding Belle

This is just a personal painting, something to fill my day. Based on a photograph of a 1920's wedding. It is also unintentionally one of the creepiest paintings I've ever done. Her eyes follow you across the room. Definitely one to be kept hidden under a blanket.

Friday, 22 June 2012


So I've finally kind of settled into the new flat, found myself a job, the boyfriend's moved back from Uni and life's looking pretty good at the moment.

The flat dates from the 1700's and I love how old and wonky everything is. It's situated right in the town centre and I love the view from my little third floor room.

Illustration work's been kind of hard to concentrate on at the moment, but here's a little sneak preview with what I'm working on...

I'm also lucky to be living with a talented bunch. Chris is an illustrator and you can find his illustrations at Everything is Fine, and Luke's a guitarist in the band Kill the Conversation. Click on the purple links and check them out!