Sunday, 21 April 2013

Perfect Weekend

This weekend's been utterly perfect. On Friday evening a group of us went to a screen-printing exhibition private view in the seaside town of Weymouth where we looked at some awesome art and took advantage of the free wine and canapes (blog-post to come soon), followed with a trip to the cocktail bar.

On Saturday we got up bright and early and caught a bus into Bridport where we visited a record store event and the weekly vintage fair, followed by a leisurely lunch and rowdy card games in a local cafe-bar.

Today has been about recovering from the night before, more card games, leisurely walks and I'm looking forward and ever so slightly scared to see the Evil Dead remake later.

Anyway, here's a few of the treats I picked up at the vintage fair...

A 1960's cherry cider bottle which I thought would make a cute vase.

This dates from 1972. I'm a massive Happy Families fan (lame) and this is a tree version! We attempted to play it but had trouble figuring out what the 'master', 'tree', 'fruit' and 'flower' cards were. Maybe one day, when our knowledge of trees and nature has improved...

Dating from 1962, this book is a bit of a piss-take of the Victorian era and I absolutely love it! It's so dinky and pretty and always amusing finding the answers to highly important questions such as 'To which of the two persons I am thinking about ought I to give the preference?' (answer: 'To one that appears the least interested first').

My sister is the biggest Elvis fan, so I thought I'd get her a couple of vinyls for her room. Sorry for the shadows. My ever awesome photography skills.

And finally, this is what I wore on Thursday (I forgot to take any photos this weekend) against the neat and tidy backdrop of our 'study' room.

Shirt - H&M
Dress - Camden Market. Label says Dolls
Shoes - Vans