Monday, 29 April 2013


Went to our local Curiousity Centre on Saturday and picked up this super retro 1954 Scrabble board for a mere £2.50. We've become a bit Scrabble obsessed here at the flat, and this was the perfect addition. 

Not staged in the slightest. We always play Scrabble with vintage cider bottles and flowers and convenient twee statements on a spotless table...

Luck would have it that a vintage shop and tearoom, ReLoved, has opened next door. Amazing for me but super bad for my bank account. Today was the first day it opened and I popped in five minutes before it closed and came out with this little beauty. I've been looking for a glass decanter ever since I started watching Mad Men, but every nice one I've seen has been horribly expensive. I managed to snap this one up for £5! There will be many an alcoholic beverage poured out of it.

And here is today's look.

Cord shirt - Vintage market
Cardigan - Beyond Retro
Dress - Love
Shoes - Vans

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