Monday, 16 August 2010

A ramble and a sketch

I'm now looking more at promoting sexual and mental health for sex-workers. A girl I know helps out at a sexual-health clinic. I have to keep the whereabouts private so as not to endanger the girls who attend, but she was surprised at how normal the girls were. Sex-workers are largly stigmatised, and we forget that they are someones daughter, sister, best friend...
Research has showed me that sex-workers are often given second-rate treatment at clinics as they are often seen as second-rate citizens. Also, the fact that the clinic has to be kept a secret also says a lot on how society view these girls
I want this campaign to appeal for better services for sex-workers, and trying to reduce stigmatism by showing a softer, more vulnerable side to the public, to help people relate to them as normal girls/boys.
I hope this makes sense, I'm not the best at explaining myself!!

A rough sketch, based on a photo of a family. I think it speaks for itself...??

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