Tuesday, 21 July 2009


I have no possessions. They are all packed in boxes for the move to London I was supposed to do yesterday. Said move never happened as the estate agent messed everything up. Alas I am a Dorset girl for a few more days
My scanner is also packed away and I'm in no mood to retrieve my camera and take photos either. BAD DAY

Therefore, this is Liz Hazle
Her work is lovely. I especially like her doors

I feel like I should put something of my own on here too. This is Sarah. I took this a while ago. A drunken night on the tube. It's my favourite Sarah picture :)

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  1. hehe Lizzy you sweetie I just saw that you put this up, I love that picture too, must have been a skilled photographer who took it!! Liking the blog miss!! xxxxxxxxx